•   Jean D’amour Nizeyimana


Rail transport around the world is developing very fast. There is no doubt that in the future it will be one of the most used transportation means. Different forms of railway transport have been used since its birth such as steam locomotives, Diesel electric locomotive, electric locomotives and Magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) trains. This paper aims at reducing power consumption in auxiliary system of Electric locomotives which use electrical power as a prime mover by producing electricity through train motion. Simulation in Matlab is done whereby a permanent magnet DC motor is attached to train wheel axle and with the relative motion of the rotor in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet stator produced by rotation of axles generate electricity which is stored in batteries and then supplied to auxiliary system of the train. The simulation of the system demonstrated that electricity produced is enough to power the auxiliary system, hence reducing power consumption by the train.

Keywords: Rotor, Magnetic field, Auxiliary system, Electric train.


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