•   Nikolaos F. Voudoukis


Photovoltaic technology has a range of applications nowadays. Organic solar cell research has developed in recent years.  Common materials for organic solar cells are phthalocyanines. In this paper it is presented a discussion of the fundamentals of photovoltaic technology, photovoltaic effect, organic solar cells, phthalocyanines and Gallium Arsenide reconstructed surfaces. Also it is studied the behavior of lead pthalocyanine (PbPc) in substrates of Gallium Arsenide-GaAs (001) with reconstruction surface Arsenide (As) stoichiometric β2(2x4). It is an analysis and study of innovative organic solar cells. The reason for this study is that PbPc is an organic molecule with very good optoelectronic properties, promising to be used in organic thin film solar cells or combination of organic and inorganic layers solar cells. In research is the behavior of phthalocyanines according to the surfaces of the substrates. The experimental photovoltaic characterization of a solar cell from lead phthalocyanine is presented.  The efficiency of potential solar cells is estimated by measuring the photocurrent spectra. The understanding of the material and the samples combinations is important for potential applications and improvements for the use of solar cells.

Keywords: Photovoltaic Technology, Organic Semiconductors, Organic Solar Cells, Phthalocyanines, Gallium Arsenide


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