•   Y. K. Sanusi

  •   O. Oyeleke

  •   A. O. J. Abiodun

  •   G. A. Alagbe


 The effect of rain in the design of satellite and terrestrial microwave radio links is of interest to Engineers and Scientists. It is good to have a reliable design that guarantees high level of accuracy of the rain rate distribution from the lowest rain rate value to the highest. The present work proposes a model that expresses rain rate as a function of alpha and beta obtained at 0.01% of time. When tested, the results obtained with the measurement perform well for the stations considered at a rain rated between 5mm/h to 200mm/h. Thus, , the empirical models that were obtained through them could be a useful tool for the radio design engineers for high rain rate areas.

Keywords: Radio propagation, Rain Rate, Model, Attenuation, cumulative Distribution


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Sanusi, Y., Oyeleke, O., Abiodun, A.O.J. and Alagbe, G.A. 2020. Modelling of Alpha and Beta for Rain Rate Prediction for Radio Propagation Systems. European Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 4, 4 (Jul. 2020). DOI:https://doi.org/10.24018/ejece.2020.4.4.223.