•   M. M. Ata

  •   K. M. Elgamily

  •   M. A. Mohamed


The presented paper proposes an algorithm for palmprint recognition using seven different machine learning algorithms. First of all, we have proposed a region of interest (ROI) extraction methodology which is a two key points technique. Secondly, we have performed some image enhancement techniques such as edge detection and morphological operations in order to make the ROI image more suitable for the Hough transform. In addition, we have applied the Hough transform in order to extract all the possible principle lines on the ROI images. We have extracted the most salient morphological features of those lines; slope and length. Furthermore, we have applied the invariant moments algorithm in order to produce 7 appropriate hues of interest. Finally, after performing a complete hybrid feature vectors, we have applied different machine learning algorithms in order to recognize palmprints effectively. Recognition accuracy have been tested by calculating precision, sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, dice, Jaccard coefficients, correlation coefficients, and training time. Seven different supervised machine learning algorithms have been implemented and utilized. The effect of forming the proposed hybrid feature vectors between Hough transform and Invariant moment have been utilized and tested. Experimental results show that the feed forward neural network with back propagation has achieved about 99.99% recognition accuracy among all tested machine learning techniques.

Keywords: feature extraction, Hough transform, invariant moments, neural networks, ROI extraction


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