•   Ehab Bayoumi

  •   Mostafa Soliman

  •   Hisham Soliman


The dynamic performance of smart (micro)grids depends on the proper selection of the controller gains and power-sharing parameters. This manuscript describes the control design to achieve a deadbeat desirable performance in terms of: i) Zero steady-state error. ii) Minimum rise time. iii) Minimum settling time. iv) Less than 2% overshoot/undershoot. This paper considers an Islanded microgrid system composed of two distributed generation (DG) units. Each DG unit includes three-phase pulse width modulation (PWM) inverter. The proposed controllers are proportional- integral (PI) type. The Controllers gains of the inverters and the Phase Locked Loop (PLL) parameters are designed to guarantee deadbeat dynamic performance in terms of minimal overshoot and system stability. The Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is used to tune the controller parameters of the current, PQ loops, and the PLL. The proposed controllers are compared with the traditional (Ziegler and Nichols), auto-tuned, and interior-point methods to shows the excellence of the proposed technique. Results authenticate and endorse the effectiveness of the proposed controllers and PLL design technique to achieve the desired deadbeat response of the study microgrid system.

Keywords: microgrids, particle swarm optimization, distributed generation, renewal energy resources, droop control


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