•   Kuo-Pao Yang

  •   Alexander Jee

  •   Dane Leblanc

  •   Jeremiah Weaver

  •   Zachary Armand


Hotword detection and voice command are implemented in many of today’s current technological devices. In this paper, the implementations using hotword detection as well as the improvements in hotword technology will be discussed including the Pao-Pal. The Pao-Pal was made using Google’s AIY Voice Kit which contains a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, voice bonnet, and a speaker that allows it to playback pre-recorded voice lines. These components allow the Pao-Pal to act as a switch for a Keurig machine to make coffee when certain phrases are said. To allow the Pao-Pal to always listen for hotwords, it uses a hotword detection engine called Snowboy, which also allows it to playback the pre-recorded voice lines. Snowboy allows users to create and customize their own special hotword. Other projects concerning voice commands will be discussed along with the application of that kind of technology.

Keywords: Hotword Detection; Raspberry Pi; Voice Recognition; Google AIY Voice Kit


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