•   Kingsley N. Omeje

  •   Henry O. Osuagwu

  •   Chimezie F. Ugwu


This research work developed Electronic Notice Board (ENB) for the faculty community. The purpose is to upgrade the already existing manual method of information dissemination, so as to improve the administrative work of the faculty, and to create an enabling environment for more efficient and friendly means of information delivery. It will improve the rate at which staff and students participate in faculty events and activities. The conventional notice board is one of the oldest methods used in information delivery and announcements to students. Students go to where the notice board is mounted in other to read updates or announcements. Use of wall notice board in every place is a tedious work since it needs to be updated regularly and with correct and right information manually. Few of the problems that necessitated the need for ENB are; inadequate time to read all the relevant information pasted newly on a notice board as a result of tight schedule since the copies are limited. Limited time-lag of newly pasted notice since people mutilate, remove or destroy the paper notices from the board leaving others uninformed. Some of the objectives are to enable individuals to view the update from their various devices from any location. To enable instant update to all users since notice is online. To allow individuals download and store copies of original information intact. Generally, it looks at the existing faculty notice boards, building a system that makes it run by the internet access or by local area network (LAN) so as to increase the rate at which relevant information is being disseminated to the faculty community with no location restriction. The user is kept updated each time the E-Notice Board is updated based on their categories through an SMS alert. This system intends to simplify and improve the University faculties to perform their daily activities since most of the school organs uses computerized system. This research work was designed using Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology (OOADM) and implemented using Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Bootstrap, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) as front-end and My Structural Query Language (MYSQL) database as back-end.

Keywords: E-Notice Board, Faculty, SMS, User Admin, User staff/students


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