•   Olaide Ayodeji Agbolade

  •   Fatai Olaoluwa Sunmola


Voltage and frequency stability is critical for network devices like routers, switches and radios. Prolonged exposure of these devices to extreme voltage or frequency makes them susceptible to damage. Since these devices are usually operated round the clock and oftentimes in remote places, it becomes necessary to monitor the quality of the power delivered to them. In this work, we developed a power monitoring system to provide remote access to the supply voltage and frequency of network equipment powered by an uninterrupted power supply system. We develop an instrumentation system to monitor the grid frequency, grid voltage, as well as the UPSS output voltage. We equally present a complete system that processes sensors’ data and make them available to a remote server over a cellular network with a robust email and SMS notification system. Sensors data collated over one month show consistent results with correlation of 0.95 with an overall system power consumption of 83 mA.

Keywords: IoT, Networking Devices, Power Monitoring, Sensors and Instrumentation


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