•   B. Shoban Babu

  •   V. Priyadharshini

  •   Prince Patel


One of the most essential life skills is to be able to communicate easily. In order to produce greater comprehension, communication is described as transmitting knowledge. Communication and technologies are not mutually exclusive. Speech Recognition is a technique that facilitates the processing of voice information to text and is independent of the speaker. This enables it to be used in various applications, from digital assistants to machinery control. The aim of this paper is to study numerous robotic vehicles powered by human speech commands. To accomplish this functionality, most of these systems run with the use of an android smart phone that transmits voice commands to a raspberry pi. The voice-operated robot is used to build one moving object. It is moved as per the voice recognition module commands, and the robot obtains that command. The robot compares the command with the stored software and then sets the command using wireless communication as per voice. These suggested methods would be useful for devices such as assistive robotics for people with disabilities or automotive applications such as work robots.

Keywords: Robotics, LeenaBOT, Rapberry Pi


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