•   E. O. Badmus

  •   O. P. Odekunle

  •   D. O. Oyewobi


Attendance documentation is a crucial metric for determining a student's dedication, qualification, and status. Several types of systems have been developed for automated attendance. The majority of these implementations were built on a single factor template, representing a line of security error. In recent years, rapid development has taken place in several applications such as authorization, data access, and access control by implementing biometrics and radio frequency identification technologies. This research work focuses on designing a smart protocol for RFID authentication in combination with fingerprint biometric information, which guarantees confidentiality, identity verification, and data protection. Reaction time and event performance evaluation were the tests performed on the system. Ten students with unique fingerprints and RFID cards are assessed for the test. The test results show an average duration of 20.61 respective seconds for each student, and zero percent of false refusal rate was recorded in the implementation. Finally, the result shows the system is reliable and efficient. Each result revealed high-speed performance due to software and hardware coordination. Biometric systems provided data integrity and security, RFID provided limited complexity, and the proposed method's technical programming pattern provided an average run time.

Keywords: Arduino, Biometrics, Fingerprint, RFID Technology, School Attendance


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