Intranet-Based Wiki with Instant Messaging Protocol


  •   Chimezie F. Ugwu

  •   Henry O. Osuagwu

  •   Donatus I. Bayem


This research developed an Intranet-Based Wiki with Instant Messaging Protocol (IBWIMP) for the Staff of the Department of Computer Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka to enable them to collaborate on tasks; like writing of documents like, memo, project guidelines, proposal/grants, and circulars with online security consideration. The essence of this work is to improve on the contributions staff make during work, in carrying out tasks with their colleagues irrespective of the person’s location at that point in time. The existing system on ground would always require the presence of the staff within the department before they can carry out the tasks meant for them or respond to the available mails within their mail boxes located within the general office of the department. In regard to such situation, there is always delay in the processing of such mails or documents that could require urgent attention of the supposed staff therefore could cause serious damages. This research established a better internet connection for the security of the system and the documents therein by the use of virtual private server (VPS) hosting on virtual private network (VPN). This system allows the collaboration between the staff of the department and external persons, or partners classified as external staff user on documents like circulars that normally come from outside the department. This system automatically sends emails to the supposed users whenever the admin posts a document via the Short Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP). The system is accessed online by the users from any location once there is accessible internet connection and users can collaborate on the development of any posted document at the same time. This application was designed using Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology (OOADM) and implemented using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), CkEditor, Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP) and MySQL database management system.

Keywords: Intranet, Message, VPN, VPS, Wiki


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