Solar Powered Water Pumping System Automation and Control Using a Microcontroller for Aquaculture


  •   Adnan Sarwar

  •   M. Tariq Iqbal


This work represents an automated solar-powered water pumping system for a fish farm located off-grid in a rural area of Pakistan. The ultrasonic water level sensor is used with the microcontroller Arduino UNO to automate the pumping system. The water level sensor is connected to the microcontroller based on the sensor programming and sensor data extraction from the water ponds of the fish farm. The microcontroller controls the water pump automatically to switch ON/OFF. This solution is very cost-effective for local farmers, and no human is needed on the site to monitor and operate the water pumping system for the fish farm. The designed system can reduce labor costs and effectively provide fish farms a smooth automated water pumping system.

Keywords: Automation and Control, Microcontroller, Renewable energy, Water level sensor, Water pumping system


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