Design and Simulation of a Hybrid Power System for St. Lewis in Labrador


  •   Yuet Sing Li

  •   Mohammad Bahrami

  •   Mohammad Faraji Nejad

  •   Mohammad Tariq Iqbal


St. Lewis is one of the isolated communities situated in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). The easternmost province of Canada includes over seven thousand small islands with scattered populations. It brings various challenges to the electricity power supply companies, such as power outages and long resumption times due to the remote locations. Currently, three sets of diesel generators are supplying the electricity. The site is vulnerable to power outages if there is any malfunction of the generators or failure of the fuel supply through the trucks. Introducing an alternative energy source to the community can increase energy security and ensure livelihood for the residents. By utilization of the renewable energy, Greenhouse Gas Emission of rural communities can be largely reduced. This research aims to demonstrate St. Lewis as the epitome of hybrid renewable energy systems among those remote communities and the feasibility of alternative energy solutions for those communities.

Keywords: HOMER Pro, Homer QuickStart, Hybrid Renewable Energy System, Reopt Web Tools, Simulink.


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