•   Ajakida Eski

  •   Orion Zavalani

  •   Denald Komici


Since in Albania are still present the electromechanical meters, an urgent need to control the electricity consumption with an efficient and reliable system requires the use of the most modern measurement techniques and the realization of energy measurement devices with more efficiency and precision. This paper provides a software implementation of the real power measurement using an ARM Cortex MO, PSoC4 microcontroller which is responsible for executing algorithms required for the calculation and ensures high performances and low cost. A software based Average Active Power Converter is presented to calculate the real power from the voltage and current signals. This paper briefly covers the mathematics of active power and offers a measurement algorithm based in IIR digital filter, which is more versatile when compared to the analogue filters in their characteristics such as programming flexibility, ability to handle both low as well as high frequency signals accurately. To check the performance of the proposed measurement system, the calculated active power from the standard values of voltage and current is compared to the measured active power from our system and is concluded that the meter has been successfully completed.

Keywords: Algorithm, Digital Filter, Active Power


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Eski, A., Zavalani, O. and Komici, D. 2017. The Implementation of a Digital Filter-Based Algorithm for Active Power Measurement using an ARM Microcontroller. European Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 1, 3 (Dec. 2017). DOI:https://doi.org/10.24018/ejece.2017.1.3.5.