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In this work, proteus 8 professional software using 78L05 Voltage Regulator, first alert Brk 7010b smoke detector, relays, arduino ide, Arduino Uno (ATmega328 microcontroller), 12VDC and 85 decibel sound buzzer Alarms, 5V NTE3019  light emitting diode (LED),  resistors, vb.net program, 1N4007 diode was used to design an improved smoke detector. The approach of the design was to achieve a fast response to smoldering fire, low false alarm and low failure rate. The result of the design showed that it’s an efficient smoldering smoke detection system with a uniform actuating alarm tested via simulating the design with proteus software and arduino ide c language burnt into the arduino un (ATmega328 microcontroller). The simulation showed the working principle of the design by 5volt being developed through the 78L05 voltage regulator and send across the relay coils, thereby actuating the common of the relays which are tied to pin 2 and pin 3 of the Arduino uno digital input then resulting in the actuating of other sensors including the buzzers and Light emitting diodes. The virtual terminal displays the string E as evidence that an email has been sent to those concern parties that can arrest the fire. Also from the result according to the measurement talking, the building has a flat horizontal ceiling of open areas with the area of the open office spaces ranging from 14 m2 to 107.2m2 and also the height from  the floor to the ceiling ranging from 2.92m to 3m, so the   maximum area one  smoke detector covered was 50m2 and the maximum distance between any points of an area to the smoke detector was 7.5m, maximum spacing between detectors was reduced when obstruction were present such as walls or partitions while minimum distance between detector and wall or partition was 500mm.

Keywords: Diodes, Microcontroller, Arduino, Fire, Smuddering.


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