•   Ayman Uddin Mahin

  •   Fabliha Ahmed

  •   S. M. Ishraqul Huq

  •   Nahid-Ur-Rahman Chowdhury


Demand of electrical energy is growing day by day worldwide. To meet this increasing demand, generation is needed to be increased subsequently. Increasing generation is not an easy task as it may require setting up new generating units, changing transmission lines, control equipments, etc. Moreover, increased generation also causes increased environment pollution. An alternate approach that can create balance between demand and supply of electricity without increasing generation is demand side management (DSM). Furthermore, demand side management has the potential to reduce the use of energy resources resulting in less environment pollution. In this paper, three DSM techniques: using solar system, load limiting, deliberate load reduction are applied for residential users of Dhaka, Bangladesh and the results are compared with two traditional techniques: energy efficiency, direct load control. It has been found that by using solar system at home significant amount of electrical energy can be saved.

Keywords: Demand side management, electrical energy, using solar system, load limiting, deliberate load reduction


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